Monday, July 28, 2008

Going To Church

Yesterday we went to church.

Yes, we physically went to church. But that's not what I mean. I mean we went to church.

You know, when the worship is awesome and the teaching is awesome and you can just feel God in that place. That's going to church. Amen? Amen.

What makes the difference? I mean, why does it sometimes feel like you've been to church and other times you've just physically been at church? I'm sure the difference has to do with whether or not you've encountered God. But don't you think sometimes you just encounter Him on a deeper level?

For example, one thing that always moves me at church is when I see someone in need up at the alter in prayer and someone else goes up and prays with them. That's just the body of Christ doing what it's called to do - loving each other.

Yesterday, though, lots of people went up to pray. And lots of other people went up to pray with them and for them. Moved me to tears. I just love it when God moves and when His church does what it is meant to do. I felt Him in that place and in my heart and it was awesome.

Yesterday was just a small glimpse of heaven, and I loved it!


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JJJ said...

Hi! Just checking out your blog, I too have three kids aged 5 and under... and we are expecting the 4th in October! Busy, busy.

We had an awesome church day on Sunday as well. Sunday school was great, really felt spoken to in the service, and the music just got to me! I mean the happiest song and here I am with tears streaming down my face!

God is so Great!

Hope you have a blessed week!