Monday, September 20, 2010

Going Even More Private

If you've read for awhile, you've seen my struggles with going private on my blog. Like here, or here, or here. I do still feel like I made the best decision, though. I just can't imagine putting our kiddos or anyone we work with in jeopardy.

Here's the thing, though. We're getting closer to the end and I'm feeling the need to increase our security. There's some of you who read along that I don't really know in "real life" and are reading along perhaps because you're on your own adoption journey or because you were wanting more information about an African adoption.

I'm so sorry, but in the next few days, I'm going to be tightening our security and only allowing access to those of you who we know personally, are with the same organization, or we have at least conversed with online. If you are not in one of those categories, I really am sorry. I hope that no one is offended. My current plan is to remove all privacy settings once our kiddos are home safe and sound and return back to a normal blog. So you should all be able to read about our journey at some point, just maybe not while it's actually happening.

(Although, who am I kidding? I'm not sure I'm going to have time to blog about any of it anyway!! You might not miss out on anything!) : )

And for those of you that I do know personally, if I accidentally delete you as a reader, please forgive me! Don't take it personally - it's probably just that I didn't recognize your email. Just please send me an email and ask me to add you again and I'd be happy to.

I really do appreciate all of my readers - your prayers for our family & your encouraging words mean so much. I'm so sorry to have to do this, but our kiddos' safety has to come first. I just can't wait for the time when I can blog freely again without concern of adoption snafus!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Update on "Thursday"

Thanks for your prayers for our family. I did want to let you know that yesterday (Thursday) was a no-go. We found out Tuesday night that the things we were needing would not come through that quickly.

So Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I had a wonderful opportunity to tell the Lord that I still loved Him, still would worship Him, and still would follow Him even though I didn't get what I wanted. He's not a genie in a bottle and I absolutely trust that His ways are perfect.

Well, Wednesday morning we got a phone call from our attorney and while Thursday was not-to-be, she had great news for us!!! I will just say that things are rolling right along and the end of this part of the journey (and the beginning of the next chapter!) is in sight!!!

We are working with a travel agent and are preparing for the trip of a lifetime!!! Please continue to keep us in your prayers!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

My sweet daughter turned five today.

How does this happen? I mean one minute you're in the hospital holding this itty-bitty thing, praying and dreaming about what her life will be like. The next minute you've blinked and she's well on her way to being a young lady!
I am so very proud of Sarah. She has a heart of gold and a smile that lights up a room. Her giggle is infectious. Her childlike faith is inspiring. Her ability to both dance like a beautiful princess and boogy-down makes you want to move with her.

She is precious.
She is one-of-a-kind.
She is so very special to us.
She is fearfully and wonderfully made.
She is perfect for our family.
She is my daughter.

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Sarah. I hope you had a special day and that you know just how much you are loved!

Monday, September 6, 2010


We got word today that something important is supposed to happen on Thursday with the adoption! Unfortunately, there's one thing that we still need to have happen first. Will you please pray that this one thing will come through for us?

(I apologize for the total vagueness of this post. I realize it's probably frustrating. We're just doing it for security purposes and hope you'll understand!)

Along those lines...can I just tell you how hard it is not to share more about all this!?!?!?!?!? Really!!! I can't wait until they're home safe and sound and I can shout from the rooftops how much I love these babies!!

...and share totally cute pictures of them!

In the meantime, I just had to share with you the cutest chubby cheeks in the world (L's) and the cutest baby boy (B) trying to chew his hands (we have lots of these pics...teething, maybe?)

Soon...hopefully soon they'll be home and I'll feel comfortable posting the whole pictures! Only then I'll be posting pictures of them with us!