Friday, September 10, 2010

Update on "Thursday"

Thanks for your prayers for our family. I did want to let you know that yesterday (Thursday) was a no-go. We found out Tuesday night that the things we were needing would not come through that quickly.

So Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I had a wonderful opportunity to tell the Lord that I still loved Him, still would worship Him, and still would follow Him even though I didn't get what I wanted. He's not a genie in a bottle and I absolutely trust that His ways are perfect.

Well, Wednesday morning we got a phone call from our attorney and while Thursday was not-to-be, she had great news for us!!! I will just say that things are rolling right along and the end of this part of the journey (and the beginning of the next chapter!) is in sight!!!

We are working with a travel agent and are preparing for the trip of a lifetime!!! Please continue to keep us in your prayers!!!

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Jonett W. said...

Praise the Lord! Great news, Missy!