Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big Kids

You know what I love about summer?

Summer just has a way of taking you back to being a kid. Somehow ice cream cones and lightning bugs and sprinklers beckon and it's okay to play again. It helps when there's kids egging you on, of course, but I think there's just something in all of us.

My sweet hubby taking a break from yard work to join in the sprinkler fun.

And convincing the neighbor to do the same.

(He was warned this would make the blog!)

All the kids - big and little

The county fair is in a couple of weeks and I think all the grown ups eating elephant ears will prove my point exactly.

But then again, that's what summer's all about.


Luke's Mom said...

I love this post! It's hilarious to see Jason mid-air like that!

AJ said...

Hi Missy! I've bookmarked your blog and look forward to being able to keep upwith you and your family..Love your posts!!

AJ (aka Aunt Jenny)

AJ said...

Hi Missy! I've bookmarked your blog and can now keep up with you and the kids. Good thing since we're so far away and rarely get to see you!!
AJ (aka Aunt Jenny)

AJ said...

oops! this technical stuff sometimes confounds me. didn't realize the first one got posted!!!

Big Timber said...

WOW!! Your husband has some crazy hops. What a stud!!!!

Jenina said...

I love this.