Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A whole week has passed since we've been in Chicago. How does that happen, and does time ever slow down?


Last Sunday hubby and I were going to send the kids home with GaGa and PaPa after bocce and head to Chicago. He had a conference there Monday and Tuesday and since work was paying for it, we could have a free little getaway. (With the exception of our activities and my meals, of course...don't want you thinking we're cheating the company!) Well, GaGa got sick, so we didn't think there'd be any traveling for any of us besides hubby.

However, at 11:45 p.m. on Saturday night, we decided we could take all the kids with us! We are crazy, let me tell ya! We knew we weren't really prepared, but we just said it'd be an adventure and we'd make the most of it!

Well, we did just that. We got up Sunday morning and in a whirlwind of activity got all five of us packed and on the road. Now, I am a list maker and a planner, so this was against my nature, but we had so much fun! Sure, there were some crazy, hectic times. But we did a lot of laughing and the kids loved seeing the big city. We don't live in Podunkville, but Chicago is definitely something different for them.

We walked everywhere. A double stroller doesn't make it easy to get around on any sort of public transportation, so we just walked. And walked. And walked some more. Josh was so cute - he'd wave at all the cars as he passed by and was mesmerized by the city. When we weren't walking or doing something fun, he'd sit in the windowsill of the hotel and just watch all the activity below. So cute!

We got to do lots of fun stuff like the Museum of Science and Industry, Navy Pier, and the Lincoln Park zoo. A friend of mine who lives in the Chicago suburbs was even able to meet us at the zoo and we got to spend a very hot but fun day together with our kids.

You know, sometimes those spur of the moment crazy ideas turn out to be some of the best trips! I'm really glad we all went!


SarahR said...

Glad you had a good time! We make a lot of last minute travel plans and they are usually a lot of fun. It's definitely harder with kids, but we used to just pack up and go camping on a whim.

Wani said...

I love Chicago! A college friend of mine lived there for awhile so we got a few good visits in before she moved.