Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Being Equipped

I don't do well without a plan.

I like to-do lists and calendars and budgets and spreadsheets and all those wonderful, wonderful things.

So when July came so incredibly fast, I started to panic. School starts in August and we had so much up in the air for school! I knew we wanted to homeschool, but our co-op had a lot of work yet to do to figure out what Kindergarten would look like and I didn't have my curriculum that I knew I wanted in hand yet. (I'm trying to find the best deal on it that I can!)


Well, my bright spot today is that I feel so peaceful about it all. Our co-op met last night and those plans are coming together well and I have a friend who brought me all the books that I need to do our own school time. I just have to go through them and let her know which ones I want to buy from her.

All the pieces are beginning to fall in place.


I don't know why I lose faith sometimes. I just need to remember that when God calls us, He equips us. I'm just grateful to Him today that He is showing me the way and helping these pieces to fall in place.

And you better believe I'll have fun crossing things off my to-do list!

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Monica said...

i keep having to tell myself to breathe... I can't believe school is just four weeks away. Yes, God is going before us in this call to homeschool.