Thursday, July 3, 2008

Passing It On

You know, it strikes me as odd some of the things your kids get from you. Hair color, eye color, sure. But a love for Florida? Really?

My mom loves Florida. A lot. Actually, a whole, whole lot. I love Florida, too. Seems I got that from her. And now my kids seem to have inherited the I-Love-Florida gene. If there's any Geneticists reading my blog (I know you all tend to flock here!), could you help locate that one?

We've been stuck inside all day today because of the rain. So what do my kids want to do? Play Florida.


It's not unusual at all to play Florida around our house. But that's about ALL they've wanted to do today. Visit the beach. Hang out at the pool. Go to Disney World. Check out the manatee park. Eat in Florida. Nap in Florida. Bathe in Florida. Sensing a pattern?

Here's my son swimming in the Florida pool.

And here they are watching the Disney World parade. Pink baby scored a prime spot in her stroller!

I guess everything is more fun when you're in Florida, right? Sounds good to me...let's go!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Wish we were all in Florida!! And if we can't be in Florida, I wish I was in Avon playing Florida with you! Miss you guys.

Mom (the one who started all this)