Sunday, July 6, 2008


I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations! We sure did!

On Friday night we watched "the big fireworks" from afar. We found a spot where we could see them perfectly but that wasn't in the middle of all the crowds. Great for families with little ones - not too noisy and the kids could watch them in their jammies!

Saturday we decided to take a little road trip and we headed to a state park to do some hiking and to see a waterfall. It was flowing very strong because of lots of recent rain. The rushing water just reminded me so much of God - so powerful, yet also quite peaceful. It was good for my soul.

Then, last night we headed to some friends' for a cookout. It was lots of fun - we always enjoy being with good friends! (And good food doesn't hurt, either!)

Sorry for the short post, but man, I'm pooped! Three-day weekends are supposed to be relaxing, but somehow hubby and I are both wishing we could just have another day to catch up!

I'll be back tomorrow with (hopefully!) something interesting to say! : )

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Luke's Mom said...

what a great weekend! Where did you guys end up going for the fireworks?? sorry we couldn't get together! that would have been fun. :(