Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Dreams

Is it not the most motivating thing to watch the Olympics?

Sure, Michael Phelps is way cool and I'm super impressed. But not only him. "Old" people, too! So far I've seen 41 year-old Dara Torres swim like mad and a 33 year-old (slightly scary looking) German lady hold her own against the teeny-bopper gymnasts.

Here's my thought process...

I'm only 31. I could so find something to do and be there in 4 years standing on that podium with a medal around my neck.

The trampoline looked cool. Maybe I could try that. Nah...afraid of heights and they jump way high. Swimming? Who am I kidding. I still like to hold my nose when I jump in. Rhythmic gymnastics has always looked like fun. I haven't seen that yet, they still have that? I have some rhythm, but the gymnastics part could be tough.

Ugh. My hopes are fading.

I think the official Olympic people need to come up with something that doesn't require so much oh, I don't know...athleticism.

At least they're fun to watch!


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Luke's Mom said...

oh I know! we are loving the olympics over here at our house too. Who EVER thought that the trampoline would be an olmypic sport!
don't worry...i dont have much hope either to be in the olympics in 4 years. sigh...unless they include making dinner or chasing your kids around as a sport! then we would medal...:) if the dinner was good though....