Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Looking Back: One Year Ago Today–We Have Visas!

Monday, Oct. 25, 2010

Blake woke up happy!!!! This is a big thing for him.  He definitely has some food issues and usually wakes up screaming bloody murder until he gets his bottle.  Today, we saw some definite improvements, though!

It was our day to head back to the Embassy to pick up Blake and Lauren’s visas.  We were expecting it to be a smooth process, but of course we were there for 3 hours!  At the end of the day, though, it is what it is.  We got what we needed and that’s all that matters!  Praise God, we have their visas!!!!!

Just a couple other interesting moments today:

1.  We headed to the market that is just down the block from the Embassy and were entertained by some interesting chip selections!  They’re normal brands we have here in America, but some super odd flavors (of course I didn’t journal what the exact flavors were, and now a year later I can’t remember!)

2.  While driving through the city today, our driver’s door kept coming open!  I can’t imagine how freaked out I’d be if my door flew open while I was driving down the road!  He just kept slamming it shut, and then drove with his left elbow out the window to try to stabilize it.  It was wild.  Thankfully, he didn’t fall out or anything terrible like that!

3.  We saw Mama Grace again today at the Embassy.  She held Lauren for a short time, but Lauren was sobbing. As soon as she went back to Hubby, she stopped crying.  Pastor Peter said in English, “She reject old mama.”  I felt terrible for Mama Grace, as I know she loves Lauren, too, but at the same time, that was a good sign for attachment with us and we were grateful that she feels so comfortable with us so soon.  (That, and Pastor Peter just makes us smile.  He does a great job with his English and it is just adorable to hear him speak.)

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