Sunday, October 23, 2011

Looking Back: One Year Ago Today–Forever Family

Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010

Today was a very long, boring day. We got a good night sleep, though. We didn’t have plans to go anywhere today so we just hung out playing games like Farkle, Bananagrams, Mafia, and Rummy.

We did have a little fun with one of the Dads with us.  We took his iPod touch after the lady who runs the guest house had repeatedly told him not to leave it lying around. Hee hee.

We got to Skype with Mom and Dad. That was the first time Dad has seen the kids and it was cool to see his face light up. We Skyped with the big kids, too. It was SO good to see them all. We miss them lots. It’s still really surreal that we’re in Africa. We feel so far away and so removed from our normal life. I commented to Hubby today that it really feels like Blake and Lauren are our kids. We like to call them Monsieur Blake and Mademoiselle Lauren (or we chant her entire name to her...because she has her name they called her in the orphanage, a first and middle legal name our Congolese attorney gave her, as well as the first, middle, and last names that we gave her, she has about a billion names.)

It’s so beautiful how God brings families together and how two white people from the middle of America and two black children from Equatorial Africa can be family. 

Forever family.

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