Thursday, October 27, 2011

Looking Back: One Year Ago Today–Just a Few Things

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010

A bulleted list for the day:

  • Group 1 got their DGM letters! I’m so excited for them, and encouraged to see that the process does happen the way it’s supposed to! 
  • We played lots more Bananagrams today, and took care of babies while group 1 was at Ethiopian Air getting their flights home arranged.
  • Jason and I got in our first disagreement here, but we worked it out this evening. I guess one disagreement in this stressful of a situation isn’t bad. : ) I’m so glad we have each other to go through this journey together.
  • I finished my Adopted for Life book.  I found it really encouraging, especially after reading some adoption books that ironically don’t seem very pro-adoption!  It did an excellent job of explaining the Biblical view of adoption, and how adoption is a beautiful example of how God chose us (out of nothing of our own doing!) to be his own children.  I loved it!

Here’s some cute pictures from the day:


I guess that Lauren didn’t like getting kisses from her buddy.  : )

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