Friday, October 21, 2011

Looking Back: One Year Ago Today–Waiting for News

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We sat around, still waiting due to our Embassy delay.  Bless his heart, David prayed with Hubby and I today.  He is an awesome man, and I broke down in tears only to end our prayer and look up and see that he was crying, too.  Our love for Blake already is so overwhelming and the thought of not being able to bring him home with us over a stinkin’ typo just isn’t right!

But guess what?

We talked with the Consul today and she IS APPROVING Blake's visa!!!!!  It will be ready on Monday to be picked up with Lauren's!!!!  They are issuing the visa the same way his name is on the passport and then they are also issuing an "Also Known As" statement saying that he is also known as the name shown on his adoption decree. 

Oh, praise God!!!!  We were overjoyed to have that weight lifted!!!

IMG_1503IMG_1504IMG_1517IMG_1518We had planned to go to the orphanage today where Blake and Lauren were placed, but were unable to because some of our friends in Group 1 had to go Ethiopian Air to change their departure tickets and that just took too long. (We only had one driver.)  So instead, we sat around playing lots of Bananagrams. I had never played that game before this trip, but I love it!  It is so much fun, and we’ve played hours of it on this trip!  We laughed and laughed today.  One of the guys had some really interesting words he was fighting for like rewood.

IMG_1510One of the many games of Banangrams

Oh, and while finding out that Blake would be receiving a visa was the clear highlight of our day, we did get to have some M n M’s tonight.  Oh, they tasted good!! 

Back home, our dear friends’ daughter was having major open heart surgery to reconstruct her heart.  I couldn’t sleep just praying about her and wondering how she was doing.  It was terribly hard to not be at the hospital with them.  I’m just thankful for an internet connection, no matter how finicky it is.  At least we could keep in touch with them.

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