Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Laugh to Lighten the Mood

Let's face it. The mood around the country isn't the greatest. The crashing economy and the stressful election can leave you with a general feeling of what in the world is going on here?

So to lighten the mood a little (I am, after all, writing about bright spots), I wanted to share what just happened around my lunch table.

Our neighbor (Josh's "best bud") is over to play today, and while we were all sitting around the lunch table enjoying our peanut butter and jelly bagels (we got a bunch of free bagels today from a friend...thanks, Carrie!) we were enjoying some fun conversation. First it was what kind of candy they would have if they ate a good lunch. They decided on a tootsie roll. But a few moments later, the conversation headed to five-year-old boy territory.


I never even heard "it" or recognized "it" otherwise, but the accusations flew, the laughs abounded, and everybody was soon blaming the cat. Poor thing.

Well, I politely asked that they not talk about toots while we're eating.

So instead, they shifted their conversation back to the previous one, only altering it slightly as to still get away with what they really wanted to talk about.

They made jokes about "toot"sie rolls. They were laughing hysterically. Even baby Megan in her highchair with sweet potatoes and corn oozing out her mouth was laughing. I'm pretty sure she had no idea what they were talking about, but she thought it was fun anyways. : )

You know, the world troubles may abound, but a good-ole "toot" joke can make you remember there's more important things in life.

Like laughing with those you love.


BigTimber said...

Thanks for lightening my mood a little. I wish I had been there to here the "toot"ie roll jokes. However, I would have probably been in trouble for joining in on the jokes.


Big Timber

Mom said...

Too funny!! I wish I could blame that kind of humor on the Flint family, but after all the laughter and jokes the night before Matt's wedding, I think it's pretty obvious that the McCuen side is to blame!!

Love you all!