Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Warm Chocolate

It's snowy here. Real snowy.

The kids are having a great time playing out in it. Josh was actually excited to hear that the groundhog saw his shadow. He's pumped that he gets six more weeks of winter to throw snowballs at Daddy! (His words, not mine!)

Here they are lookin' all cute getting ready to play outside...

But the best part of playing outside in the snow is, of course, the hot chocolate you get when you come in! We've had our fair share of hot chocolate this winter, but Sarah never wants to have any. She says, "It's too hot...ow!"

So instead, I heat hers up just a little and call it warm chocolate. She's much happier this way. And it's so funny to hear her come in from outside and say, "Brrr, Mommy, I'm cold. Can I please have some warm chocolate?" (As if it's really a drink!) Too funny!

Enjoy your warm chocolate, girl! You're too cute!

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