Sunday, February 8, 2009


Baby Megan has started giving kisses! She's so sweet! The only thing is, she skipped right past "normal" kissing, and went straight to the tongue. We're slightly worried, but hope to be able to break her of it before she's a teenager.

Oh, and the other thing? Her favorite person to kiss is her Daddy. Pretty cute.

And can I just say that this next picture totally cracks me up. I caught her in the middle of a blink. She's really not that into kissing.

It's just such a sweet blessing to see how much she loves her family - not only by her kisses, but just how she lights up in the morning when she sees her brother and her sister. Or how she just snuggles down into my shoulder or shrieks excitedly at her Daddy. She is so precious and we're so glad she's part of our family!


Gaga said...

Too cute!!! I miss those kiddos!!!

Love lots,


Monica said...

That's hilarious. Obviously she has her daddy wrapped around her little baby finger:)

Hey, I've posted a series on my other blog about freezer cooking as well as marked what recipes are good for the freezer and how to prepare them. They are labeled "freezer friendly".

International Pancake Day at IHOP is next week. Maybe I'll see you there?

Amy said...

She is too cute. I miss you guys. Haven't seen you in over 2 months. Love ya.