Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sarah's First Haircut!

My sweet daughter turns three in just a couple of months, but has never had a haircut. Can you believe it? I kept moving the preprinted "First Haircut" page of her scrapbook farther and farther back. To explain a little, I wanted to wait until her bangs grew because I didn't want to have to mess with bangs. However, I decided if I waited that long, we may be waiting a looooooong time. Those bangs just won't grow. So, we thought maybe we should help tidy up her look a little.

Then, I had a bad dream that I took her somewhere to get it cut and the lady chopped it ALL off, making her look like a boy. (GASP!) She and I were both in tears and I punched the lady. Yikes! Something had to be done, and I didn't want to take any chances.

So, I pulled out my non-official (but frequently used) haircutting scissors and decided I would attempt it...

Her hair before

During the cut (Notice how serious and focused I am. This is tough work! Did I mention this girl doesn't sit still for anything?)

And, voila, the after!

Whatd'ya think?


Mom said...

What a cutie!! I know - I'm a little prejudiced....after all, I'm her Gaga (aka Grandma)!

I loved the story about Josh and his "best bud". One of my favorite pictures is of him and his "best bud" walking across the field behind your house holding hands. Of course, in about 10 years he'd be mortified if I brought out that picture!!

Love you lots! I look forward to hearing about all your "bright spots". You are one of my very special bright spots!!

Dad said...

Nice work! Ditto what mom said; she types much faster than I. I think I'll keep my appointment at Best Little Hairhouse though-too far to drive to Avon. Hi to everyone! LOve ,Dad