Friday, June 27, 2008

Best Buds

Last night we had our neighbors over for dinner. We moved in about a year ago and I can tell you now that they'll be forever friends. They really are the best neighbors ever and we love getting together with them!

Anyways, the kids had been playing on the swingset and we told them dinner was about ready and they needed to wash up. In the process of getting dinner ready and tending to my daughter, I missed what exactly happened in the bathroom, but some sort of argument broke out between my son and his friend. However, here's the part I heard...

"I'm sorry, Josh."

"That's okay. I forgive you, best bud." heart melted. My son has a best bud.

Just don't tell my daughter.

She has the closest thing to a crush you can have when you're only 2 1/2. In her mind, he's HER best friend. She tags around with the big boys all the time and she tells our neighbor that she loves him. Too sweet. At least for now. Not so sweet when she's 13... or even 6. My hubby says she's not allowed to date until she's 30.

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