Saturday, April 17, 2010

Like Christmas in April

There really is nothing better as a waiting adoptive parent than to get new pics of your child! There's a group in Congo now finalizing three adoptions and I knew that our attorney's husband (their escort) would be visiting Blake while they were there. Our attorney told us the other day that he visited Blake and delivered 50 lbs of formula and baby supplies, but we didn't think we would see pictures until he returned to the States.

Imagine our surprise then when we returned from our interracial adoption training today to see new pics in our inbox!!!!

Oh. My. Goodness. I just stared at those pictures for an insanely long amount of time - over and over again, inspecting every single detail. Admiring his sweet little hands and face. Worrying because his belly seems big (it has since dawned on me that they use cloth diapers, which I'm not used to. He's just an itty bitty guy in a giant cloth diaper - that would easily explain the big belly!)

As I sat there studying the pictures, I alternated between really big grins and tears. I'm so touched by seeing the genuine love and care in the face of (who I'm assuming is) his foster mama. Grateful doesn't even come close to explaining what I feel for her and her family for caring for Blake while we wait to bring him home. And my baby? I cannot wait to hold him in my arms and kiss his sweet, sweet face.

He's so beautiful, so tiny, so precious, so helpless. So perfect. So very loved.


KRISTEN!!! said...

Thats"s awesome he's so little and cute! You will have to fill me in on your interracial "training" and any tips that might be helpful!

Carrie said...

He is so teeny and sweet. These first few pictures are such a precious gift!

Jodie said...

i got pictures of ketsia also! I was so distracted by them that i totally burned the grilled cheese I was making for our son! Congrats, he is adorable!

Barb said...

He is so adorable! I know the feeling of looking at the photos over and over! We had 4 photos of Anna Marie with a huge smile on her face. I knew she would be a happy toddler by the look on her face, and she is very full of joy and laughter.

I also just read how you chose his names. That is so perfect! I am so excited for your family!