Friday, April 16, 2010

Driving Along In My Automobile

As a soon-to-be family of 7, we're currently hunting for a new vehicle. I have a Chrysler Town & Country minivan right now that I love, but it unfortunately just won't fit us all. Believe me, we've tried. We just don't think Josh will enjoy riding with one cheek on the seat and one in the cup holder.

So we're checking all sorts of websites (,,,, and and checking local car lots for a vehicle that is large enough to fit us all, yet manageable, and at least a little bit stylish. And because of our commitment to stay out of debt, we're paying for the car outright, which means we're most likely buying a "previously owned" or "new to us" car. Here's the four we seem to have narrowed the list down to:

Ford Expedition EL

Cadillac Escalade ESV

Chevy Suburban

GMC Yukon XL

Anyone have any feedback on any of these? Love 'em? Hate 'em? I'm so nervous about driving something so huge, but I really have no choice. Because I'll probably need a double stroller with me on a regular basis and we like to travel, we want something that has some storage space, in addition to being able to seat our whole family safely.

And if anyone knows of someone who's wanting to sell one of these lovely SUV's, or even if they want to give one away (hey, a girl can dream!), please contact us! With all the expenses we have coming up (GULP) to complete two international adoptions, buy a new vehicle, get a new bunk bed and mattresses for the girls, and purchase lots of extra baby supplies, we'd like to be as wise as we can with the resources God has blessed us with! We know He has called us to this, and we know He will provide, it's just when you look at it all on paper that it seems crazy!

Oh, and please pray for us as we shop. No offense, but used car salesmen can sometimes be difficult. We were on a lot last night and about six of them stood in the middle of the road so we had no option but to stop our car to talk to them. We'd really love to find an honest, trustworthy one to work with!


Anonymous said...

You did not include a picture of hubby's favorite - THE FORD EXCURSION!!!

Big Timber

SarahR said...

No station wagon? :) That's what our family of 7 had growing up, but
a)they don't make them anymore
b)you had to strap all your gear to the top if the whole fam was going on vacation
We've got a Saturn Outlook (aka Chevy Traverse) and love it! It would fit all your seats, but I don't think it's quite as long.

I've only had experience with GM and Toyota. Maybe since my dad and Bill's dad are both GM retirees I'm a little biased and don't like Ford. Not really any other good reason ;)

Aunt Jenny said...

Have you checked Consumer Reports for reliability ratings and owner satisfaction? They're an excellent source for useful information. Really enjoying following your journey and can't wait to meet my newest grand-nephews/niece.

Anonymous said...

How old are your big kids? I have an inhome daycare and it was such a pain in our 3rd row mercury mountaineer (loved the car) but my kids needed help getting buckled in the back row. If your kids are big enough to slide over the 2nd row and can buckle themselves in then awesome. You could go the Gosselin route... Dodge Sprinter!