Monday, September 26, 2011

He might be getting older, but…

I had a moment today that I almost completely forgot about (already!) and it's so very sweet, that I just can't let that happen. I decided to blog about it to keep it as a record of a bright spot. I apologize to all of you who are looking for more newsy updates, but this is what today brings.

I peeked in on my oldest during his lunch time at our school (we still homeschool, but are part of a co-op/school for homeschoolers). I happened to catch him just as they were finishing and cleaning up. I watched him bend over, pick up some trash from the floor, pause to look at it, and then fold it and gently place it in his pocket.

Why, you may wonder, is that such a bright spot that it deserves one of a handful of posts for the year?

Well, because the "trash" that he folded and put in his pocket was the napkin I sent with him in his lunch with a note from me telling him that I loved him and hoped he had a great day.

Such a sweet, sweet boy. I love him like crazy!

Josh at Anderson Orchard 2011

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BigTimber said...

I love that little guy too. I am glad you got a moment to blog. I LOVE YOU!!