Saturday, November 6, 2010

We're Home!!!!

Wow, what an amazing, stressful, life-changing month!!! Hubby and I both journeyed halfway around the world and got to meet our two precious little ones. We were able to visit three orphanages, meet lots of amazing people, and learn a lot about the country where our children were born.

Now that we're home safe and sound, I've removed my privacy settings. Whew. I'm so relieved that I don't have to be as concerned about jeopardizing anyone's safety!

And if you've been reading, you've probably realized that I haven't posted one single thing about our trip. I should have known better that I wouldn't have time.

But now that we're home with five kids, I should have plenty of time to post, right? : ) Well, I'm hopeful. I journaled throughout our trip and I'm hoping to post most of that so I can share with you all the amazing things the Lord has done. Stay tuned!


Gaga said...

Can't begin to express how glad we are that you are all home safe & sound!! Looking forward to getting to know our newest grandchildren!!!!!

Love you all lots!!


mary said...

we can't wait!! from mary, a fellow ofa-er in atlanta in process

Kelly said...

I was reading some old posts on our blog and found a comment from you about waiting to bring your children home!! What timing..can't wait to follow your blog and your journey of adoption.