Monday, July 26, 2010

Update on Sick Baby

Thank you so much for all your phone calls, emails, hugs, and especially your prayers. It is so very hard with a sick child halfway across the world. We have definitely felt loved and supported, though, so thank you for helping us through this.

We did hear last night that she had been hospitalized, most likely due to dehydration. I don't know exactly how that makes me feel. I'm sad and discouraged that she's that sick that she needs to be hospitalized, but also grateful and relieved to know that she's getting great care. She is responding to meds, though, and fighting well and they're hoping that she can go home today. Please pray that God will continue to heal her body! We thank Him for taking care of her and answering our prayers thus far!

Please also pray for her adoption process. I realize that as a whole this adoption is happening quickly, but when you're stuck in one spot it sure doesn't feel that way. We still don't have her adoption decree. After we have that, we have to wait 30 days for a certificate of non-appeal (essentially saying that no one challenged the adoption). Then we can apply for her passport. After we get her passport, we will schedule a drop-off appointment with the US Embassy and several weeks after that, our friends there will do the interview at the US Embassy for us. We won't travel to get them until all of the paperwork is ready. My guess is at this point that our best case scenario is the end of October.

This just worries me some because our little guy is totally ready to come home. We have his passport and everything. I just don't want him to get sick while he waits. We're looking into the possibility that he could come home earlier, but it doesn't look likely. We think we'd have to start the entire process with USCIS all over again for our little girl - that they would be treated as two separate adoptions. That would delay our daughter's coming home too much so we wouldn't want to do that.

Please just pray for our kiddos' health and safety and for God to just move this paperwork through and bring them home soon. I can't even tell you how ready we are to have them home with us.


Heather said...

Oh, wow, Missy! I can't even imagine having one child all ready to be picked up, yet not being able to go get him. How rough! =( Praying that things start moving for you, and that both children will be safe while they wait!!

s a r a h said...

missy, my heart hurts for you and all that you are going through during the wait. i will continue to pray for health and a speedy process so you can bring your babies home. I pray that you will continue to find peace in God's calling on your family and hope in his plan. call me if you want to talk:)

Holly said...

We are praying for your sweet little girl, Missy! I hope she can go back to her foster family soon, and gets strong quickly.