Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Baseball Boy

Last night was Josh's last t-ball game for the year. The Red Devils finished their season with no losses! Okay, maybe no wins either since they don't keep score, but I'm still a proud mama!

Josh did great this season. He seems to do a lot better in the sports that aren't as high contact. He had lots of fun, too, and is sad that he's all done until next year.

Since this is my blog and I am technically allowed to write whatever I'd like, I'm gonna brag on my boy for just a minute. At the end of the game, the coach passed out trophies and a prize bag for each of the boys and said something positive about each boy.

When he got to Josh, he said how well he'd done playing baseball, but then he said the part that really made me proud. He said that if he had a daughter the boys' age, he'd want her to marry Josh. We got compliments all season long about what a polite and kind boy Josh is, and as a mother I couldn't be more proud that the coach chose Josh's character to compliment last night.

Sure, I'd be proud if he were an all-star athlete, but I'm even more proud that he's an all-star person.

That's my boy!


Amy said...

Okay let me get a kleenex and wipe my eyes. I got teary eyed reading that. Love ya.

Gaga said...

He's an all-star person with all-star parents!! I love him to death (even though he thinks I don't know anything about the internet)!! And I'm glad he's going to be around your house for 13 or so more years!!!