Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Wild and Crazy Saturday Night

You know, nothing makes for a better Saturday night than deciding to paint a two-story entryway which leads to a stairwell and an upstairs hallway.

Yeah. What were we thinking?

Well, we actually were pretty smart, if I do say so myself. My dad had a conference in town this weekend and my mom decided to come along and hang with us for a couple of days. Our thinking was that it'd be much, much easier to paint all that if there was another adult around to keep an eye on the kiddos for us.

And oh my goodness, I can't imagine undertaking this project without her help. So, mom, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Here. You can see for yourself. These are all of our entryway. Obviously, we had some serious whiteness going on that desperately needed some color therapy.

Have you been blinded by the white yet? (And yes, that is a basketball goal right by our front door.)

Well, we the good news is we got started today. The bad news is that halfway through, we realized we once again had a terrible streaking problem. (We got three coats into the dining room a couple of weeks ago and gave up after such terrible streaking. We'll have to fix that soon...)
Let me stop here and show you more pics. Here is the halfway through shot...

And here, look closely....see the streaking? Ugh...

So now, we've decided to follow the advice given by all those professional painters. We got primer.

We've spent the last couple of hours priming our walls and over the next few days, we hope to finish up with the paint – hopefully without streaking.

I do admit, this hasn't been the most fun, but I do normally love painting very much, and I really can't wait to have it all finished! I think it will be quite beautiful.

And definitely much more welcoming than all the white!
Don't you think?

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